This is the second of a two part course. The first part, held on 21st September 2017,  was general in nature. This second part will look at specific contracts and will focus on the most common company and commercial contracts dealt with by Finnish lawyers in English. Delegates are welcome to attend Part 2 even if they did not attend Part 1. All delegates (whether or not they attended Part 1) are also welcome to make particular requests regarding course content. The precise course content will depend on requests made but will include much of the following:

  1. Brief review of differences between Finnish and English Contract Law and key terminology.
  2. Company and Co-operation Agreements and other Documents. This session will focus on:
    • Drafting Memoranda of Understanding and Lock-Out Agreements.
    • Confidentiality Agreements and Undertakings.
    • Joint ventures and collaboration agreements.
    • Key aspects of Company Sales and Acquisitions.
  3. Sales contracts, agency and distributorship.
    • Standard terms and conditions of sale.
    • Distributorship and agency agreements.
  4. Loan agreements and debentures.
    • Key clauses in loan agreements (e.g. negative pledge, default, conditions precedent etc.).
    • Dealing with different types of charge and security e.g. fixed and floating charges.
    • Assignment and novation of loans.
  5. Intellectual property licences.
    • Drafting Trade Mark and other licences in compliance with EU competition law.
    • Key clauses in IP licences.

With each contract there will be short drafting tasks for delegates to undertake. This will be quite a demanding course and delegates are assumed to be reasonably fluent in English.

Course materials

In addition to the above contracts, the course materials will include notes on each contract, a bank of sample contract clauses, useful websites and addresses and a guide to English contract law terminology.


The course will be given by David Fletcher, an English solicitor who is a frequent lecturer in Scandinavia. He gives contract-drafting courses, both general and in-house, in a number of countries including Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. He has also lectured at Helsinki, Tallinn and Kiel Universities.

Seminaarin ohjelma


Registration and coffee


Introduction and recap on:

  • contract drafting terminology
  • differences between Finnish and English contract law and the implications for contract drafting.


LOI’s , MOU’s and NDA’s




Joint ventures, shareholder and co-operation agreements




Sales contracts and terms, supply contracts and distributorship agreements




Sales contracts and terms, supply contracts and distributorship agreements (continued)


IPR Licences


Construction contracts or financial contracts (depending on delegates’ preferences)


End of Course

Note: the above timetable is flexible and can be adapted to delegates’ particular interests.

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